Yokohama Tornante tire Consumer review

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Ratings For Yokohama Tornate

Overall Rating : 85/100


Yokohama Tornante is a 24/365 high-performance tire. The cross grooves bite the road for magnificent traction. The Japanese brand is a true definition of a friend in summer, in winter and in between tire. Performance, Safety, and durability all define Yokohama Tornante.

Some tires are made to inspire drivers and make riding a hobby. Well, Yokohama Tornante is that tire. With a tread life of over 85000 miles, you may burn out first before this tire. Hell No! You got a longer lifespan of course than this tire but it’s great.

Walk with me till the end for more on Yokohama Tornante.

Yokohama Tornante Features

Yokohama Tornante comes with an advanced tread design that enhances its tread life. The 3-D adaptive siping makes sure that your tire has improved traction and grip on the road. It has a sporty tire touch.

The rubber is compounded with advanced Orange oil and silica. Well, all these compounds are the reason why the tire has a longer life, less noise on the road, and an excellent all-rounder. The four circumferential grooves are deep enough to sweep the water away.

The cross grooves is an enhancer to traction. The asymmetrical tread design with wide outbound zones improves traction in dry seasons while the increased groove on the inbound blocks enhances grip in wet seasons.

Because of the orange oil compound in the tire, you can be sure of a long life for your tire, yet rolling resistance was not traded off to achieve this which translates to less fuel consumption in relation to other tires.

The tire is a product of Yokohama, a Japanese manufacturer and builds from the successes of dB Super E-Spec that was released in 2012.


  • Impressive traction in wet conditions 
  • Long-lasting tread life
  • Offers comfort and quiet rides  


  •  Falls short on heavy snow surfaces

Other features


Comes with 72 months, no query warranty


It is an all season, all terrain tire 

Cost Effective

Provides the best value for money

What are the available tire sizes for Yokohama Tornante?

Below are the available sizes for Yokohama Tornante tire. You will have to choose the one that fits your rim for the best experience.

P185/65R 15

225/70R16 130H

195/65R15 91H

225/60R18 100H

P205/60R15 92T

225/45R17 91V

P205/60R16 91H

235/45R18 94V

215/55R16  97H

235/55R18 100V

P215/65R17 98T

245/45R18 96V

Yokohama Tornante Review: Test Drive and Findings

For beauty, seeing is believing, but for a tire, it goes beyond that. You will need to test it yourself to believe it.

I tried the 235/55R18 100V tires on a friend’s  Dodge Challenger and the two coupled well; you could think the Dodge was the case study in making the tires. Below is what I can say for each of the test conditions.


The traction was good on the dry surface. The tire can withstand a terrible driver, a bad road, and more power. The cornering experience was magnificent with Yokohama Tornante providing the grip on reasonable speed.

The braking is short and excellent. It took me 5 feet on average to bring the car to a halt. The tires responded well to the steering. All I can say is that the tire did not disappoint on the dry road.


​On the dry surface, the tires were impressive, and on the wet road, it was even better in relation to other tires on the same class. At 80 mph, I braked without feeling any loss of traction the same to when I was negotiating corners.

Its tire design with inner grooves as well as the deep treads may explain this good traction on wet surfaces. The way Yokohama Tornante tires were kissing the wet road could make you think I am on a dry road. No gliding at all on moderate speeds. 


I tried the tires on light snow, and they were good enough to get me forward, of course with a little complaint. Well, you have to appreciate the fact that these are not snow specialized tires; hence, from my experience, I would be kind enough to rate it at B.


Yokohama gave my Dodge Challenger a floating effect. I felt like I was on my sofa, safe for the wind that often reminded me that I was actually on the road. This explains the comfort when you are running on the tires.

I would not say they come anywhere near the comfort from real sporty tires but well it is somewhere near. On the highway, I experienced much calmness, and on poorly done bitumen roads, the rough effect reached me more like a pleasant massage.


Yokohama Tornante tires have respect for your stereo. You won’t have to up the volume to enjoy Michael Jackson’s tracks. The tires kill the noise even on higher speeds save for those dam-sized potholes that occasionally overwhelm the tires.

The only noise bother you may have to deal with is that from your engine if you have the Subaru noisemaker. 


Well, what can I say about the tire on this topic?

The tires had done 4000 miles, but the treads were almost as those in the stores. Your average mechanic would give it half mentioned miles the mile since purchase, but my experienced guru would be precise. The tire lives true to the manufacturers promise for long lasting tread life.

Should You Buy Yokohama Tornante?

From my own test drive experience with Yokohama Tornante, I can confidently recommend the tire for anyone who would want comfort on the road on all the seasons. You can trust the tire on any surface because of its excellent traction but take great caution on heavy snows. 

Yokohama tires can be used with SUVs, Trucks and on minivans. With an extended warranty of 85,000 miles, it will take you ages to replace Yokohama Tornante tires if you are not the type of drivers who punish their autos. Our Yokohama Tornante Review is meant to inform, educate and enlighten buyers.

What are the alternatives of Yokohama Tornante?

Incase you need alternatives to this tires, here is a list that can be beneficial for you:

  • Pirelli Scorpion Zero: Better tread wear than Yokohama Tornante

  • Pirelli Winter Ice Zero FR: Better snow performance than Yokohama Tornante

  • Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 Radial: Better grip than Yokohama Tornante.

4 thoughts on “Yokohama Tornante tire Consumer review”

  1. I agree with the review. I’ve had Tornante tires for nearly 10,000 miles and have driven in all kinds of weather. I’m very pleased with the dry, wet and braking ability. But they could be better on light snow, so be cautious driving in wintry conditions.

  2. Loud Noise! Tires Roar while driving and get louder under braking! Bought at tire barn for 2011 Equinox. Almost like the area under the back hatch amplifies the noise. 36,000 miles on a 85,000 Mike tire and the noise is so bad I’m going to have to replace. Never had the problem with Geolanders.


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