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Toyo Open Country A/T 2 with rating

Overall Rating : 87.5/100


We all have that one friend who keeps a set of specialized tires for every season or terrain. This culture is waning because Tire companies are manufacturing products that for all seasons and all terrains. One such a tire product is Toyo Open Country A/T 2.

Engineered with the latest tire technology bringing in aggressive tread design and rubber compounding, the tire provides excellent traction on the road and off the road all year round for light trucks.

Through our in-depth Toyo Open Country A/T 2 Review, you will get to know how the tire behaves in different environments. Is this the tire you looking for? Let us confirm in the next sections. 

Toyo Open Country A/T 2 Features

Toyo Open Country A/T 2 sells on versatility. Its ability to traverse the highways and still carry you through the rough roads is one admirable thing, seeing you through summer and winter is another. All these are possible with the design of the tire.
The tire bears an aggressive design that is common with savannah tires. This design translates to excellent traction and grip provided by the tire. In some sizes, this feature is enhanced with a deep thread.

The side wall is also designed with the aggressiveness of the threads. The blocks are open to allow ease of movement through wet and snowy surfaces. The bars in between the blocks help in stabilization and braking. They also ensure that the tire wears out uniformly.

The zigzag sipes combine with the polygonal blocks to enhance Toyo Open Country’s snow performance. Toyo Open Country A/T 2 bear three discrete deep grooves that are enhanced with stone-ejecting blocks. This feature comes in handy on mud and snow platforms. 


  • A tire designed for all seasons and terrains hence no need to worry of keeping sets of tires for each purpose
  • The aggressive tread design offers an excellent traction 
  • Deep Grooves with stone ejecting blocks improves on snow and mud traction
  • Offers comfortable and quiet rides


  • The tire is a bit pricey but it is worth the pain

Other features

Tread design

Aggressive Tread Design for Excellent Traction


Deep Grooves with stone ejecting blocks

All Weather

All Season, All Terrain tire

What are the available tire sizes for Toyo ​Open Country A/T 2

Toyo Open Country A/T 2 tires come in 38+ varied sizes from which you can choose from. The tires are designed for both passenger vehicles and light trucks. Knowing your rim size will make matters easy for you. Some of the sizes are provided below.













Toyo ​Open Country A/T 2 Review: Test Drive and Findings

To get things into perspective, I tried Toyo Tires on a colleagues Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum with 285/45R22 tires sizes on different surfaces and below is my journal. 


The grip was super impressive on the highway. I could feel the traction from the steering and the Cadillac was very stable.

When I left the tarmac for the rough road, I thought the tires would be a bit less responsive but hell no, it maintained the traction. The braking is impressively short while the cornering experience is epic. 


When I was coming back from my dry road test of the tires, the skies opened and it rained heavily that I thought I could not make it to the highway. Well, I did it with ease.

The Cadillac remained stable while maintaining a firm grip on the wet surfaces as I drove back. On the highway, the pools of water posed no challenge for the vehicle as I cruised back home. Toyo Tires are really good with wet surfaces. 


I did not get the chance to test the tires on snowy surfaces. My colleague tells me that he specifically decided to fix Toyo Open Country A/T 2 tires on the Cadillac because of snow.

This was after great difficulties navigating the roads of Hancock during winter. According to him, the tires have lived true to the dealer's advice.


Cadillac Escalade is a cool machine that guarantees comfort but it takes nice tires to deliver extreme comfort. Well, Toyo Open Country tires did exactly that.

The tires are great on the highways and impressive off the roads.


The tires were uncharacteristically quiet on the rugged terrains. I made sure to punish the vehicle on the road through the throttle and the result still remained a silent and comfortable ride.

The road noise was either nil or too low to hear. I could even enjoy my rock tracks. 


The Toyo Open Country Tires on the Cadillac were not anything new brand new. My colleagues say he has had them for more than six months now but they amazingly look fresh.

The dealer opines that the tire can be trusted for long life. 

Should You Buy Toyo ​Open Country A/T 2?

​Definitely yes. There are many accruing merits with having the right tires fitted on your auto. Our Toyo Open Country /T 2 Review reveals a tire that is just right in season and terrain.

Its excellent traction and long life tread wear is something that should send you shopping after this. This tire is a good choice for anyone who goes everywhere at any time of the year.

What are the alternatives of Toyo Open Country A/T 2

In case you need alternatives to this tires, here is a list that can be beneficial for you:

  • Pirelli Winter SottoZero 3: Better winter tire than Toyo Open Country A/T 2
  • BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2: Better tread wear than Toyo Open Country A/T 2
  • BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2: Better Highway tire than Toyo Open Country A/T 2

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