5 Best Tires for Honda Accord

| Last Updated June 23, 2019 |

When buying a Honda Accord, tires are usually not the first aspect people look into. It could be because they are replaceable. It could also be because tires are not why people buy cars. Either way, they are why cars move, so they are such a big deal.

Among the things to consider when buying the tires are the tread-wear, performance, and traction. During my naïve days in this industry, I would let mechanics do me the honors, or just replace tires with the same brand as before.

That changed when I realized I could experience so much more when comparing available tires and making my preferred choice. Let’s face it; this car is really nice and has a wide variety of tires to choose from. Below is a review of 5 best tires for Honda Accord.

Reviews of 5 Best Tires for Honda Accord

The first thing you need to know when looking for tires is how to simplify the process. You realize that there are different brands out there with different tire sizes for different vehicles. For your Honda Accord, you can shop according to the tire sizes. Below is a tire sizes guiding table (you will not be clueless when trying to interpret figures on the sidewall anymore):




Aspect Ratio







215/55R17 94V215551794V
225/50R17 94V225501794V
235/45R18 94V235451894V
235/40R19 96V235401996V

You can buy these tires at your local dealer or go online. There are reputable sites online like tirerack.com, tiresize.com, and just tires.com that you can make a purchase from. You can also purchase from the tire brands’ websites. You can pick one from our best tires below (listed from the year 2015 tires henceforth). They comprise of both best rated and best reviewed all-season tires for Honda Accord.

TireSeason TypeAverage Tread-WearTread Life WarrantyMaximum Pressure (psi)
Michelin Premier A/STouring All-Seasons tire60,000 miles6yrs44
Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole PositionHigh-Performance All-Season tire40,000 miles5yrs51
Continental PureContact with EcoPlus TechnologyTouring All-Season tire60,000 miles6yrs51
Yokohama AVID ENVigorAll-Season tire60,000 miles5yrs50
Goodyear AsuranceComforTread TouringTouring All-Season tire70,000 miles6yrs51

1.     Michelin Premier A/S –Best Traction Tires

Michelin Premier A/S is the best tire for Honda Accord if you want good traction and comfort. It has a continuous midrib flanked by intermediate ribs that are notched, thus has the impeccable dry-road responsiveness and straight line traction.

Its EverGrip Technology makes it appropriate for use in the winter even as the tire wears out. Am tempted to say it yields better performance with age, but we are not describing wine, are we? As it wears out, you do not have to worry about ununiformed tear as its internal structure is well embedded and reinforced.

The Total Performance tires from Michelin have a 30-day client satisfaction guarantee and an attractive warranty policy. Your fuel consumption shall be regulated and you shall experience ultimate driving control when on the road.


  • Total performance tire with several technologies combined for a better performance
  • EverGrip Technology helps it retain powerful traction in wet conditions when wearing out
  • Regulated fuel consumption
  • Has good stopping power


  • Performance in wet conditions is not as perfect as it is in wet/winter conditions

2.     Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position – Best High-Speed Tires

Are you a speed fanatic and want tires that support your crazy drives? Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position it is. They exhibit stiff treads with responsive steering and good handling. On dry roads, these top-rated Accord tires brake better than Michelin Premier A/S.

When negotiating corners and driving at relatively high speeds, your automobile shall be stable on the road and shall resist distortions. This is thanks to the well-built internal structure of the tires. Be careful not to over-speed; these tires could let you.

With an average tread-wear of 40,000 miles, the tires have a 5-year warranty on tread-wear and a year on tread uniformity. Unlike Michelin Premier A/S and Continental PureContact, these Bridgestone tires lack a manufacturer’s road hazard warranty.


  • Excellent stability and braking at high speed
  • Good traction in both wet and dry conditions
  • Great handling thanks to stiff tread blocks, notched shoulders and continuous center rib
  • It is good at corners


  • The tires wear out comparatively fast.
  • Its performance in the winter is just fair.

3.     The Continental PureContact – Best All-Season Tires

The Continental PureContact tire with EcoPlus technology has a silica-enhanced all-season compound that improves traction on slippery roads. This technology also lowers rolling resistance, thus making it economical in fuel consumption.

Circumferential traction grooves on the tire have vertical ridges that improve three-dimensional snow traction. This assists in making your ride in wintry conditions smooth. It also gives you excellent traction and responsive handling. Unlike Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS and Michelin Premier A/S, these are the best tires for Honda Accord in all four seasons.

The ComfortRide Technology used gives the tires ability to absorb all vibrations caused by irregularities on the road surface, hence a good quality ride. You will like their warranty policy better; a 6 years tread-wear warranty and a uniformity warranty of 1year, among others.


  • ComfortRide Technology for stable, smooth ride
  • Its EcoPlus Technology ensures economical fuel consumption
  • Excellent traction and quality ride
  • Has a generous warranty policy.


  • Has proven to be relatively noisy

4.     Yokohama AVID ENVigor – Best Tires for a Quiet Ride

Yokohama AVID ENVigor is a tire that gives you a quiet and comfortable ride. It has a six-pitch tread variation that reduces pattern variation, hence the quietness. You can hold a conversation with your family in the car without raising your voice, unlike when using The Continental PureContact.

Its groove-in-groove technology distributes stress on the tire evenly. The silica in the tire ensures even contact of the tire and the road. These two features make your top-rated tire wear out evenly. The silica also improves fuel consumption by lowering the rolling resistance significantly. These make the tire economical in both purchase and maintenance costs.

The tires perform well on both wet and dry roads as they have a high grip. They are available in the 18-inch size. The manufacturer gives you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on these accord sports tires.


  • The groove-in-groove technology enhance uniform tread-wear
  • Silica compound ensures ultra-low rolling resistance
  • A high grip on dry and wet roads
  • Gives one a less-noisy drive


  • Less efficient than expected in the winter

5.     Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring – Best Tires for a Comfortable Drive

Goodyear, once more, has not disappointed. Its Assurance ComfoTread Touring tire gives the most comfortable ride you can ask for. In its structure, it has a comfortable rubber layer within for super shock absorption. All those portholes and bumps you feel shall be of less impact as your Honda Accord shall be cushioned.

It also has independent shoulder blocks that enable you to handle the road better. The traction is impressive as the center rib is stiff and the intermediate shoulders are notched. The tire also wears out evenly.

Like the Bridgestone Potenza RE90AS Pole Position, this Goodyear lacks a manufacturer’s road hazard warranty. It has a 6-year tread-wear warranty and a year’s on tread uniformity. It is the best tire for Honda Accord if you are seeking comfort.


  • Has a cushioned structure for comfortable driving
  • It is good with dry roads
  • The treads wear out evenly


  • Its wet traction is rather poor


Anytime you hit the road, you will either be smiling and marveling at your life choices or biting your lips and cursing at how unfair life is. I prefer the former, and you have a way to it. Purchase any of the best tires for Honda Accord discussed.

If you want a blend of comfort and best traction, you can get it. If you seek the best 205/65R16 or 235/40R19 tires with excellent all-weathered performance, you shall find. Do not just buy a tire for motion, but for the best driving experience.

Good luck while at it!


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