| Last Updated May 23, 2019 |

Who is behind tireinfoguide.com?

There is a dedicated team behind tireinfoguide.com

Well, Let me introduce myself...

My name is George Mills. I am the owner of this website.  
I have worked 15+ years in automotive industry. At first, I started in a reputable company producing American trucks. Then I moved to a tire manufacturer and fall in love with tires.

Since then,
I love tires and tires are all my life except my lovely family.

And My Editor,
Julia is responsible for all the editing tasks and make sure you have the right info and presentation at all times.

Whom we are targeting?

This website is dedicated to anyone who needs tire advice and any information about tires.

Stay tuned and We promise you to deliver the most value.

For any questions feel free to contact us.